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Keeping a pet snake is not the same as keeping birds or dogs as pets. You should have to take more care of it and see if your family is comfortable with it. Your family member may be afraid of snakes; you should find another place safe to keep a snake as a pet.


Pet cages provide comfortable and furnished housing for your friend. A terrarium can also be an excellent choice to keep your pet. It will help if you consider that the snake requires more extensiveaccommodation as it grows. It would be best if you used a terrarium with sufficient height and a lid having mesh wires so that air can cross through it. Keep in consideration that snakes are good escapers; you need to take care. Close the lid tightly.Small snakes don’t like large containers; they get scared. Manage to keep the housing warm. You can use heating pads. You should provide the facility of burrowing as some snakes love to burrow.


It would be best to layer the bottom of the terrarium with bedding; some call it substrate. The best way is to use a smooth substrate in which your pet can burrow quickly. Sand is theright choice as it appeals to your aesthetics. Some substrates retain humidity, such as cypress mulch and aspen shavings. These substrates are comfortable to dig in and maintain the required moisture for the best of your friend. You can use the carpet for non-borrowing snakes because it is a cheap source of bedding.

Temperature and Hiding Place

Snakes are cold-blooded animals as they require a heating source to get warm and a relatively cool place to release extra heat. Beware and don’t just put the heating pad under the housing and turn it on. You should provide heat to one part of the cage and keep the other part cool. It will create a heating gradient.

Snakes do require a hiding place small enough to let them fix in it. They twist and get themselves paste in it. They feel secure. It is best to provide heat on the side having the hiding place. It will keep them warm while resting.

Exercise and Feeding

Snakes don’t require as much exercise as other pets do. You should provide them things to climb up, and they will be happy. Just let them wander in the cage.

Snakes are carnivores, and they prefer rats, amphibians, and reptiles as a whole, along with bones and other things. Some snakes eat dead animals, but some prefer live prey.

Though some people fear from just the name—Snake! But, it’s fun to have this exotic type of pet. With only a few tips to care for this creature as a pet, it will make a great experience to own a snake.