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We are Victoria’s Animal Sanctuary or VAS; we started out in 2019 We are building a more modern facility in Kingston,Ga. This is one of 3 facilities that we run the other two we will disclose the locations at a later date. This for all the animals who have been abandoned, ones who are locked in cages, and animals who are just unwanted. At our sanctuary, we will be offering an abundance of facilities to rehabilitate the dogs and even help our community’s personal dogs. There will be a dog park,a medical facility to bring all of the fur babies to. A kitty café so you have can have a cup of coffee and pet a cat. Boarding and a daycare that can take care of all of your animal’s daily or long-term needs. Grooming to be able to get your animals top-class service leaving them impeccable. Dog wash when you do not want to mess up your bathtub at home bring your pets here; we have the soaps and products waiting for you. Finally Training; having trouble with your dog? Want them to learn some new skills? We will have all of that for you to offer. We are enthusiastic about our new facility and hope you are too. Come check out VAS we’ll be waiting on you!Thank You!

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